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Our first blog entry

July 8, 2019

So, it's been almost a year since Amy and I opened Farm Chicks Vintage and I am finally getting the website done. As I sit here at home after just returning from a weeklong vacation at the beach with friends and family, I am reminded that in any other country, our success may not have happened. We live in the greatest country on the planet and regardless of the strange political climate, we are still FREE! Free to be creative and chase our dream, Free to own a business and do what we love, Free to live and worship as we choose. And it is on the backs of thousands of soldiers who chose to fight and die for our freedom, that the privileges we enjoy were won. We must never forget their sacrifice or the sacrifices of their loved ones and we must always STAND UP and defend the country we love and the principals it was founded on. 

That's all!  Just feeling a little patriotic and always GRATEFUL!


Our Second Blog Entry

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